Check HTTP Response Header

This tools allow you to inspect the HTTP header response that a web server returns in response to an HTTP request.

What is HTTP Header?

HTTP headers make it possible to exchange additional information along with the required data between a client and the server using request or response headers. A request header is sent from the client side and in return a response header is sent from the server.

How HTTP Works?

When you enter a URL into a web browser and hit enter, you generate an HTTP request to the web server to obtain some data or information from it, For example, an HTML file ( aka web page ). This HTTP request in addition to the requested data also contains a request header that includes some meta-information (e.g. preferred formats for the response and which char-set a browser supports etc.) which is necessary to establish communication between the browser and the server.

When the server responds to the request with the content, it also includes meta-information about the server in the response header that helps to establish the communication between browser and serve. The response header can contain information like which server type is being used and which compression type is being used for communication.

Why to Check HTTP Response Header?

HTTP response header contains the information about the server, which can be really useful while troubleshooting issues. In addition to the information that browser uses to intemperate the data, HTTP response header can also contains fields related to server type, compression type, security and content cache mechanism etc, which means by inspecting the HTTP response header you can have an overview of the information what a server is sending to a browser.

HTTP Status Codes

100-199 Informational responses
200-299 Successful responses
300-399 Redirects responses
400-499 Client error
500-500 Server error


Which Method does this Tool Use?

“HTTP header response checker” uses the PHP cURL function. This tool sends a curl request to the specified server and outputs the header response.

Does this Tool Follow Redirects?

Yes, “HTTP header response checker” allows you to follow redirects by enabling “Follow redirect chain?” option. The output will contain the complete header response along with the information of redirects.

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